Mission Statement

The BCMEA is focused on building a caring, collaborative community of passionate music educators through professional development, ultimately for the benefit of students.


Our Association is governed by an Executive Committee comprised of elected Table Officers, Members-at-Large, and a representative from each Local Specialist Association across British Columbia.

Objectives Of The BCMEA

To advocate music education.
To support the goals of a comprehensive quality education as defined by the BC teachers Federation.
To promote the concept that the arts, including music, are essential components of a basic education.
To promote excellence of music instruction in every BC school.
To advocate maintenance of existing music education programs in British Colombia Schools.
To provide leadership in and encouragement of professional development.
To encourage all teachers of music to become active members of the Association.
To foster an understanding of and an appreciation of music.
To promote the concept of a balanced music curriculum.
To facilitate an exchange of information within the association, and between the membership and other music/arts organizations, relevant professional organizations, and government agencies.

Annual Conference

In conjunction with the other Provincial Specialist Associations, the BCMEA holds its annual conference in October of each year. The conference is our principal professional development program. The conference is prepared and organized for BC teachers, by BC teachers.
Music Educators who work with students or young people in the communities across British Columbia will benefit from attending and participating.
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Board Members

Table Officers

Mandart Chan
Cindy Romphf
Jaymi Daniels
First Vice-President (*to 2018)
Jeff Weaver
Second Vice-President (*to 2018)
Matthew Martin
Secretary(*to 2018)
Michael Doogan-Smith
Treasurer (to 2018*)

* The term of office for the President is a two-year term. All other positions are for one year, expiring at the time of the Annual General Meeting. The Past-President holds the position for the duration of the current Presidency.

Members At Large

Risa McDonell
Member At Large
Cheston “C. J.” Kumar
Member At Large
Janet Wade
Member At Large
Missy Haynes
Member At Large
Dr. Anita Prest
Member At Large
Jenn Britton
Member At Large
Michelle Reed
Member At Large
Steve Thompson
Member At Large